Eylül Tercüme

Ana Sayfa eylül Haberler Üye olabilmek ve üye girişi yapmak için tıklayınız... Sosyal Sorumluluğumuz ve DÜNYAK İnsan Kaynakları Bize Ulaşın

Eylül 2009 - Yeni Nesil

Neden Eylül ?
Eylül Tercüme Reklam Tic. Ltd. Şti. came into being in 1991. It continues to operate out of 6 different locations. It continues to give translation service to leading companies in the country as a result of the attention it gives to the work in hand...
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The contentment of the companies we are working with has led Eylül Tercüme to the position it now   occupies. The achievements we have fulfilled to date are the guarantees of the achievements we will fulfil in the future...

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